Jeep Tours

Jeep Tours

We construct Jeep tours in unique locations that highlight the marvelous landscapes of the state of Israel. These trips combine added value while thinking outside of the box.

Participants will navigate the jeeps through nature where they will be split in teams. Each team will get an explanation about the route and receive a map and secret codes that they will have to decrypt in order to navigate properly through the different sites with marvelous views.

This activity is suitable for kids and adults of all ages.

Location: All over Israel

Duration: Up to 4 hours


Jeep Tour as a Survival Mission

Participants will meet our professional guide and will continue for a quality Jeep tour with breathtaking views.

Participants will enjoy from the powerful Jeep in beautiful and impressive tracks. They will be assigned to a vehicle equipped with a GO-PRO camera and will travel towards the mountains in this area. During the tour the participants will stops for challenging and team building and survival missions like to fix tires of the jeep, to extract a jeep that sank into the mud, to extract someone who was stuck inside the jeep, to learn how to light a fire and more.

The goal of this tour is to collect tools from each mission and to deal with all the challenging missions. In the end of the trip we will get to the final point, and we asked to build a big tent with tools we collected and sit under to doing the summary of this day.

Option for missions during the trip (you should pick 5):

• Collect food from the nature and make a modest meal

• Make a fire from stones and sticks

• Extract someone who was stuck inside the jeep

• Fix tires of the jeep together

• Extract a jeep that sank into the mud

• Build a Teepee from wood

• Make ancient weapons of stones and sticks

• Walking and navigation in the desert by maps and without the vehicles

• Camouflage and hiding in the desert

• Speech workshop with animals with whistles and special sounds

All of these activities require participants to collaborate in teamwork, reach solutions, and think together out of the box in a brainstorming session

Duration: Up to 6 hours

Location: All over Israel


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