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Exclusive, Luxury, High Quality travel experience

Family Trips

A trip that will exceed your expectations

For families planning on visiting Israel for a celebration or to experience an extraordinary tour, Israplan will plan and arrange an itinerary that is unique for families of all ages.

From toddlers to seniors, our tour guides and instructors will make sure that all aspects of the tour will exceed your expectations. Israplan also organizes Bar/Bat Mitzvah events, weddings in luxurious venues, and other tailor-made events by designing, organizing, and executing them to be a perfect and memorable occasion.

Our suppliers are top notch and are highly qualified in their professions. As soon as a family steps foot in Israel, we take care of all needs and requests.

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Business Trips

Network with Israel's top start-up and business visionaries

Israplan specializes in organizing and planning business tours for top management and professionals looking to visit exhibitions, conferences, business seminars and innovation tours in Israel.

Business professionals are welcome to learn more about the fields of innovation such as hi-tech, solar energy, agriculture, start-up nation, politics and medicine in Israel. This is in addition to visiting some of the main sites in the Holy Land.

Our exceptional tours give our clients a unique opportunity to network with Israel's top start-up and business visionaries, political leaders, and visit its most successful corporate headquarters, research centers, and business enterprise firms.

Our clients enjoy first class services such as top hotels, restaurants, catering, wineries, spas, transportation (helicopters, luxurious buses and jeeps) and all other mentioned requests.

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Private Trips

Fit to your requests and needs

Israplan offers you private luxury tours that are custom made to fit each of our clients’ requests and needs. Every private tour has its own skilled and knowledgeable tour guide. We plan and create itineraries that are focused on the clients’ specific guidelines and interests. Our premium services give you the flexibility to explore Israel's culture, scenery and activities in the luxurious fashion that you deserve.

Perfect for all types of groups who want to have an intimate and enclosed private trip with their family, friends, or colleges.
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Educational Trips

Top level educational tours in Israel

Israplans provides top level educational tours in Israel and connects those visiting to the core values of Israel while giving them an authentic, meaningful, and inviting experience. Some of the services provided as educational tours are: students at high schools and universities from all over the world meeting top influencer of the educational sections in Israel. The tours include visits in sites such as in Israel universities, factories and the industrial engineering sites, and institutions. Partakers will get introduced to the best of the academic content and local cultures to have opportunities to make connections with lecturers and students, and more. Israplan will host these students with finding accommodations, connections with the Israel embassy, other organizations, and more..

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Event Productions

Turn impossible ideas into real life

Israplan takes care of all productions by request and prepares each of these events with a unique and special concept. We plan and design each of these events by learning our clients’ vision and preferences and create it in the highest quality, exquisite taste, and extreme attention to detail. We turn impossible ideas into amazing, real life, touchable events.

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Travel Agencies collaboration

Worry-free zone for travel agencies

Israplan is a one stop solution that provides services of our own, taking care of everything from A to Z, to create a worry-free zone for the travel agencies we work with at a competitive price.

We collaborate and consult with each of our travel agencies to make sure that the requests and taste of their clients are fulfilled to the maximum extent. When consulting with travel agents, we come up with exclusive ideas to ensure a high quality and profound experience. The travel agents we work with come to us for creative solutions with their clients' requests. The relationships we create with our travel agencies are committed, genuine and long lasting.