Visit In Army Bases

Visit in army bases

The participants will arrive to a pre-determined location where they will meet one of our guides that will give them a brief explanation of the history of where they are. Participants will take part in a discussion with uniformed fighters and will have the time to ask the soldiers general and personal questions about their service in the IDF.

After that, we will go to the highest viewpoint of the area and get a brief explanation of the events that have happened there in the past, the historical background and the history of the IDF. All the guides of that activity are IDF orphans and veterans of the elite units who are knowledgeable and fluent English speakers.

There are various options and interesting collaboration offered:

• Lecture in the auditorium by a military officer in uniform.

• Tour base facilities: School rescue, Residence of soldiers, Helicopter Simulator, Helicopter Landing Pad, Room Alert, Classified military equipment room, the unit commander room and more.

• Meeting with the unit soldiers in the training area.

• Refreshments with soldiers in the base.

• Sharing conversation with soldiers and guides.

This is an extraordinary and controversial experience, resulting in excitement and added value to the participants.

Location: All over Israel

Duration: Up to 3 hours


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