Authentic Bedouin Style Hosting – Closed place


Participants will arrive to the activity’s location in the desert where

they will  be given the best traditional Bedouin hosting.

Authentic Bedouin tents will be assembled, and participants will get to

hear stories and information about the Bedouin community.

Authentic Bedouin clothing will be given to participants to wear.

In addition, a fancy Dinner will be held in place where low seating style

tables will be placed for the occasion. After the dinner a big party will

take place at the tent. The experience will be unique, authentic,

and in the spirit of the Bedouin community.

The Bedouin place, in the desert, includes:

  • Quality mattresses with white bedding.
  • Authentic rooms designed and stylish in a Bedouin atmosphere.
  • Luxury showers and toilets complex.