Our Top 10 Best Activities to Take Part in While Visiting Israel

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June 14, 2018
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December 5, 2018

Our Top 10 Best Activities to Take Part in While Visiting Israel

If your planning a trip to Israel and want to do something exciting, enjoyable, and memorable than this blog post is for you! Israel has so many exhilarating activities to offer and we chose our top 10 picks for you!.

1. IDF Military Activity Warriors from the most elite Israeli army units will arrive to train participants to experience the life of a soldier. The goal is not to train and prepare them for the army, but to give them the feeling of an intense and long training day that every combat soldier goes through, and to connect them to the people of Israel, the IDF, and its vital significance in Israel's safety. This activity is taken place in different places around Israel where it was used by actual IDF soldiers to train for the military.

2. Jeep Tour Participants will enjoy from the powerful Jeep in beautiful and impressive tracks. They will be assigned to a vehicle will travel towards the mountains in this area. During the tour the participants will stops for challenging and team building and survival missions like to fix tires of the jeep, to extract a jeep that sank into the mud, to extract someone who was stuck inside the jeep, to learn how to light a fire and more. The goal of this tour is to collect tools from each mission and to deal with all the challenging missions. In the end of the trip we will get to the final point, and we asked to build a big tent with tools we collected and sit under to doing the summary of this day.

3.Bedouin Tents and Camel Riding Participants will arrive to the activity's location in the desert, where they will be given the best traditional Bedouin hosting. Authentic Bedouin tents will be assembled and participants will get to hear stories and the culture of the Bedouin community in the desert. They will enjoy a "pita" baking workshop, camel rides, and belly dancing. This activity has an option to be accompanied with traditional clothing. The experience will be unique and authentic in the spirit of the Bedouin community.

4.The Amazing Race The day will begin with participants being split into groups. Then the participants will have to go from one station to another based on cryptography and riddles in each task, and the teams will compete against each other. Each group will continue several tasks until they reach the finish line, where each task will require participants to operate in a different and dynamic way. Team members must apply the concepts of strategy, teamwork, knowledge of Israel history, high morale and will power. This activity is based on the famous TV show "The Amazing Race." It is perfect for companies, families, and groups of all ages!

5.Buckeye Flying above all is a true heavenly experience! We will start the flight off a high cliff and head towards the sea. The flight will be led by a professional and experienced instructor who will explain the views from above. This is a truly exciting activity which increases the adrenaline threshold to new heights. You will experience a unique adventure and learn about the aviation mechanism of this special aircraft. This activity is perfect for those who love extreme activities or even would like to step out of the comfort zone and view Israel from a bird's eye view!

6. Rappelling This activity has adventurous and experiential qualities that integrate extreme sports, adrenaline, and a sense of excitement and wildness. The participants will receive the necessary equipment for rock climbing and rappelling in the desert like our ancestors once lived. They will get to see some of the most beautiful views while doing so. Qualified guides and a medic will accompany the group. This activity is suitable for groups of adults and kids of all ages.

7.Crossing the Sea of Galilee on Rafts This out of the ordinary activity involves teamwork, adventure, and physical activity. Participants will arrive to one of the shores of the Sea of Galilee where there they will be divided into groups. The group will then have to build a raft on their own. Our instructors will provide the steps and tips on building it in the most safe and efficient way. After the raft is built, our instructors will inspect and approve the raft and decide if it's ready to sail. The participants and the instructors will then cruise across the Sea of Galilee from one side to the other.

8.Sandboarding Slide down the stunning Negev Dunes, where anyone can become a surfer and there is no need for previous experience. This activity is just like snowboarding, but instead of snow you will be boarding on desert sand. For those who feel a lack of athletic ability, lying on your stomach and sliding down the hill gives you an equally fun experience. This activity is suitable for kids and adults of most ages.

9. RZR This challenging and exciting driving tour will take place in difficult yet thrilling landscapes with tough vehicles that can face any type of land. Driving the RZR is an extraordinary experience, with vehicles being able to reach speeds of up to 80 KPH/50 MPH on off-road tracks. You can experience this activity all across Israel while viewing some of the most beautiful views. We will also be able to stop and observe while enjoying coffee, cookies, and more. This activity is perfect for kids and adults (those driving the RZR need a license).

10. .Hot Air Balloon The hot air balloon experience is exciting, unique, and full of adrenaline. Participants will arrive to the meeting point and will witness the lift of the balloon from its start to finish. Once the balloon is ready for aviation, the participants will bring down the bags out of the basket (what holds it down) until the ball will rise into the air. Balloon flight lasts from 30 minutes to an hour. Participants will witness the remarkable views of Israel that can only be seen from the air. We can add different tasks to complete while half of the group is in the air and half of the groups is on the ground through walkie talkies. After that the groups will switch. This activity is suitable for kids and adults of all ages.

There are many more activities to take part of here in Israel and each person/group sometimes have a preference. To see more activities we offer that may fit your specific preference, click here , http://www.israplan.com/activities

By: Lani Shamah