IDF Military Activity

IDF Military Activities

Warriors from the most elite Israeli army units will arrive to train participants to experience the life of a soldier. The goal is not to train and prepare them for the army, but to give them the feeling of an intense and long training day that every combat soldier goes through, and to connect them to the people of Israel, the IDF, and its vital significance in Israel's safety. This activity is taken place in different places around Israel where it was used by actual IDF soldiers to train for the military.

This activity can be done all over Israel depending on your preference. It teaches shooting at targets, Krav Maga, what to do in an emergency situation, building-break ins while rappelling from a building, discipline, planning a rescue mission, and what to do if there is a hostage situation. It will be accompanied by paintball guns, stretchers, uniforms, and protective masks. It is suitable for kids from the ages 8 and up. We can create a team-building activity on the side for the kids who are under the age of 8 to enjoy while the rest are taking part of this activity.

Location: All over Israel

Duration: Up to 4 hours


Military Program

The group will go through up to 8 day's program of what it is live to train like a soldier and step in their shoes. They will go by foot up to 12 km a day, stretcher missions, sleep in tents, cook their own food, deal with emergency situations, wakeup call times at all hours, physical training, shooting guns, navigation preparations, camouflage techniques, Krav Maga, and more.

Location: All over Israel


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